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Our Role

We, CONTINENTAL HOLDING, INC., embarked on this business, in order to realize the projects in proper way of Solar Power Generation Systems.
We are proud to be a comprehensive management company of Mega Solar as EPC as and Japan's first full-scale EPC.



The EPC, consist of three acronym, Engineering, Procurement and Construction.
In other words, it refers to the process of supervising the overall flow of development, engineering, financing, procurement and construction.

The segments where EPC generally takes place are;
1)The area of industrial development by making energy and chemical products from the oil and the gas.
2)Reusable Energy, Pharmaceutical Products, Hospitals, Nonferrous Metals and Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, with a lot of experiences and track records.
There are two above segments.

We are considering several business segments as a company taking place as EPC.
The reason why we started our operation of Solar Power Generation Systems, especially the segment of Mega Solar, is that we can contribute a lot to develop this segment, using our skills and know-how.

Since it was difficult to carry out all the above process by one single company, medium-sized developments and private residences of Solar Power Generation Systems, which are easy to install, are ahead of large-scale developments. Share of the Mega Solar among Solar Power Generation is less than 20 percent yet.
We believe that the segment of Mega Solar has a much room for rapid growth, even though Japan has limited available lands for it.
We will wipe out some false recognition of Mega Solar by our future installation results, and we will aim for maximum contribution to the society by way of Energy Industry.

Our Strength

1.Business structure as a full-scale EPC
First, our strength is the corporate structure to carry out EPC.

●Extensive real estate network that can be helpful to acquire lands for Mega Solar.
●Ability of practical skills to facilitate the various administrative procedures and complex negotiation
  with power company.
●Function as a trading company that allows us for a wide range of procurement and selection of materials
  suitable for the site's conditions.
●Strong collaboration with global investors that allows us to raise a lot of funds.
●Network of construction companies all around Japan.

On the basis of these features, our specialists in each function will work as a team in a single project.

Therefore, despite we are late participants in the field of Solar Power Generation Systems, we have signed overall business alliance contracts with Hitachi and other leading manufacturers, evaluated as Japan's first full-scale EPC.
2.Confidence in 20 years long-term guarantee
Generally, the life of the power conditioner, which is the heart of the power generation capability is said to be 5 to 10 years.
When replacement of the power conditioner is required, in shortest time for 5 years and at least for 10 years, huge amount of additional investment will be necessary. Therefore, the investment return of the business plan is under big pressure.

We signed a special sales contract of the 20 years guaranteed power conditioner with Hitach, which has been newly developed, and we realized the business structure which avoids any additional investment.
3.Strict income/expenditure plan
We believe that a basic as SPC is to propose the realistic business income/expenditure plan with repeating inspection, which is responsible for significant investments.

By combining ensure of safety with maintenance and repair expenses and the business structure with no additional investment, with strict inspection of both "safety" and "profitability", and further with consideration of influence of abnormal weather, we propose the strict income/expenditure plan.